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Sticky Dodgeball / Triple Twist

Setup Area: 18' x 18' x 9'

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Sticky Dodgeball was popularized by The Jimmy Fallon Show and is now in an inflatable version!

The game starts by placing the Velcro balls on the center red Velcro strip. Players make a mad dash to the centerline to grab the sticky balls and throw them on their opponents Velcro vest. The winner is judged by whoever has the least number of sticky balls on their vest!!

Game can be played with 2-4 players. But wait there’s more! This 2-n-1 interactive game also doubles as a 3 dimensional Triple Twist by simply removing the Velcro sheets from the walls, removing the anti-slip floor. Bend, Twist, Stretch! This clever new twist on an old classic Twister game is perfect for any occasion and fun for all ages.